Special offers and last minute in Tuscany

Tuscany boasts lots of attractions. Mix a sun-soaked relaxing beach stay on the exclusive Tuscan Riviera the splendour of the Tuscany rural countryside, visit Pisa or the walled city of Lucca, or the medieval town like San Gimignano: many others destinations are waiting for you.
You can pick and choose.

Cultural holidays in Tuscany

More than any other Italian region, Tuscany has rooted cultural traditions. You only have to think of Florence, the Italian art capital: lots of artists, poets, writers known all over the world lived here and left some of the most important art works: Dante Alighieri, Boccaccio, Leonardo da Vinci and Galieleo Galilei are some examples.
In the Unesco World Heritage List there are:

  • Pizza del Duomo (with the leaning tower) in Pisa 
  • Historic Centre of San Gimignano 
  • Historic Centre of Siena

Beach Holidays

Tuscany is not just a region of museums, art galleries and churches.
Its coast on the Mediterrannean Sea -400 km long, 600 km if we consider those of the Tuscan Archipelago’s Islands- and its radiant beaches attract every year lots of tourists.
Tuscan Riviera can be divided, ideally, in 6 different areas: Riviera Apuana, (Massa Marina, Cinquale), Versilia, the Pisan coast, the Ewtruscan coast, Maremma coast, (Castiglion della Pescaia, Orbetello, Massa Marittima) and the Tuscan Archipelago ( Elba Island, Giannutri, Pianosa, Capraia..)

Tuscan SPAs, thermal springs in Tuscany

Tuscany is rich in thermal and mineral waters. This region combined this reachness with its temperate climate and the beauty of its nature, that attract an health care tourism.
Tuscany is the perfect destination for an health care tourism, spas are located in landscapes for holidays of wellbeing and relaxation.
The Tuscan countryside is a very special natural environment, and, everywhere, its Spas, the largest number of any Italian regions.
Montecatini Terme and San Giuliano Terme SPAs are probably the most famous thermal springs in Tuscany.